Happy new year. Many blessings to you.

I think you misread the situation in our country. It is not inflexibility that has brought us into this conflict. If we look at how this has developed over the past forty years or so, we can see that certain values which were accepted and honored on both sides of the right-left divide, by the vast majority of Americans, have been rejected in this era, while certain other values and ideas have been lifted up. This is a kind of flexibility in the culture which moves slowly but powerfully, and is hardly noticed except by older and more attentive folks. For example, Republicans supported food stamps, voting rights, and environmental protection, prior to 1980. Greed wasn't good in the 1970's and neither Republicans nor Democrats thought that taxes were theft, that people should be free to carry rifles in the street, or that the government was an instrument of tyranny. Our cultural ideology and sense of right and wrong has shifted very significantly in the past forty years because we lack moral judgment, not flexibility. Consider that the multiply-indicted former president continues to be the front-runner in the Republican presidential nomination polls - could this have happened in 1980? We have been inflexible in our resistance to racial justice; in our denial of climate change; in our indifference to the plight of the poor, the homeless, the refugees. We wield our flexibility unwisely on one hand and on the other we refuse to flex despite the compelling calls of justice and mercy and goodness. It is an apple that sometimes arrives at your table in an unfortunate presentation. Flexibility without wisdom or compassion is not much to be admired.

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Fortress USA ?? Ma ze ??

What are yousaying, Country is being invaded!! You won't read this in press, but we are , sorry. Happy New Year.

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