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“How do Jews repent for their sins if they no longer sacrifice animals and reject Jesus?” -- Interesting question. I think I have a better answer:

"Historical research on the life of Jesus since the 19th century has shown clearly that Jesus was an observant Jew head to foot. It is pretty likely that he did not even see himself as Messiah -- that is an invention of the early Church. The real Jesus may even have done what he could to dispel this myth.

"So if you really wanna walk in the footsteps of Jesus, you've got only one option: Repent, and convert to Judaism!" :-)

Yeah, I know that you may not actively seek to convert non-Jews. But at least as for evangelicals who seek to convert you, it might be a pretty good answer: They won't be likely to follow your advice anyway... :-)

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Worth zooming in on:

"Repenting properly requires us to shut off the “Yeah, I’m basically a good person” circus calliope music in our heads."

Very good way of putting what needs to happen!

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